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Tea Party/ Book Launch

Ridgemount United Churh Hall, 58 Main Street, Mandeville - Jan. 4 at 6:00 PM

Media Launch

South Beach Cafe

2 Brompton Rd, Kgn. 

Sat. Jan. 5 at 6:00 PM

My God, My Money

Finding Balance between Your Money and Your Faith

Is money really the root of all evil? Does God approve of wealth and riches? Do you fear that your money will run out? How do feel about becoming rich or earning a lot?


I wrote  My God My Money because I wanted to share with others how we can relate to money, wealth and prosperity in a wholesome and guiltless fashion. The book is primarily about harmonizing beliefs and perceptions about money with what the Bible teaches so that one can more fully manifest God’s purpose for one's life. It allows the reader to identify any limiting beliefs held so that he or she can transform them to align with the soundness of Scriptural teachings. 

No matter what your religious or non-religious persuasions, however, your beliefs about money may have been formed from negative messages such as "Money doesn't grow on trees" or  "Money is the root of all evil".  If you are looking for freedom from scarcity, fear and anxiety around money issues etc., My God My Money may just clear the path for your transformation.



What Others Are Saying

"I could really see someone keeping this book around at all times as an everyday guide to their financial/ religious balance..." - Writer's Digest Magazine

Thank you so much for sharing your devotional. There are so many negative stereotypes which have been created and perpetuated by generations of Christendom and it is a refreshing a new dimension of freedom that He desires to communicate through your writing. - Authonomy contributor



Lovely site.

Shelly Twain

Shelly Twain

My God! What a concept! Thanks for allowing for frank discussions on money, wealth and riches based on the Bible.

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