Judith Allwood

About the Author

Judith Allwood has a passion for coaching Christian men and women to apply God’s principles and promises about money to help them increase the flow of abundance in all areas of their lives. Judith grew up in a Jamaican family of 13 where provisions were scarce but faith was strong. Over the years she has not only tried to find her way out of poverty but has wanted to find the reason for financial lack in the first place. She found it difficult to reconcile that “the cattle on a thousand hills are His” with the prevalence of material shortage, especially among “people of God.” This led her to write her most recent and successful book, My God, My Money, in which she helps her readers reconcile beliefs about money and spirituality. The result? Wiser choices and freedom in making decisions related to money.


For the past 11 years she has gained knowledge and expertise as a trainer and facilitator at several Fortune 500 banking, financial services and wealth management firms. Her background and growing interest in money matters forged a pathway to her current practice as a Financial Wellness coach and seminar leader. She delights in helping others to identify and overcome their limiting beliefs pertaining to money, provisions and faith. Allwood’s clients have experienced breakthroughs in their abilities to put their financial houses in order once they identified their limiting beliefs and what was getting in the way of God’s intentions for His children – to prosper and enjoy his blessings in a bountiful way.


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